Why Us?

What is your business ?

It’s a lesson we learn over and over again. Those that invest in, protect and strengthen their base, core business and functions thrive over time. Those that get distracted wither. -Forbes 2017

Are Facility issues Distracting you ?

  • Is your Sales manager worried about finishing month end or that the urinal broke and water is pouring all over the floor?

  • Is your Service manager focused on delivering the new pay plan or the fact that the pressure washer is not working.

  • Are you, as an Owner loosing focus on the day-to-day business looking for cost savings in your next construction or image project?

What can we do that others cannot ?


Architects will assist you in building a location, but they have never operated in the space. Decisions will be made in design which may cost in the long term operation of the store. They are further unable to execute in the maintenance space once the project is delivered to the dealer. Some times the lowest vendor bid is taken but will have a higher operating cost.

Some Architects are trying to move outward in facility audit functions but they cannot project manage the repair of those items. They can only tell you what is wrong, not how to make it right.

Facility Maintenance companies:

These companies operate in the maintenance space and can assist a bit in the planning space. The issue with these companies is that most dealerships are small in the grand scheme of things, and the large companies do not see the benefit nor the return on investment.

They are also only interested in core facility business like HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical. When it comes to automotive-specific items like Car Washes, Hoists and Garage Doors they regard these as special tooling and are the responsibilities of the tenant similar to Servers and Printers within an Office.

Strategic Sourcing And Procurement Services:

These companies work as a strategic sourcing suppliers, through establishing contacts with trades to provide a competitive advantage. But again they look for high volume in traditional franchise markets, they are mainly US companies, and if they operate in Canada, it is because of their US customers.

These companies tend to be software based and are slowly being purchased by Facility Maintenance companies as a way to increase their profit and expand their supplier base.. they may send the lowest bidders to do the work.

Cleaning & Restoration Services Companies:

These are groups that do parts of the Facility Management wheel or services but also lack coordination. They reach a point where they may be suitable for a point solution or a smaller renovation but fall when they have to deal with high voltage electrical or co-ordinated service operations...

Dealer Buying Group:

These companies work like a co-op where dealer groups buy-in and get rebates through volume buying. The issue with these is they help the dealers with saving money through volume buying but suffer from the same problems as the dealerships themselves. They will Sell a car wash and possibly the installation of the equipment but will not look after the core services required or project manage the installation to coincide with say a construction completion. They also struggle with thinking of a holistic solution with multiple vendors involved with little or no coordination, due to their scope of responsibilities


  • Recognized as Strategic Advisor, We bring over 14 years of practical experience within the Retail Market, as in house Facility Management practitioners, a supplier and consultant to large and small organizations. We can provide you the solution you need and grow with you.

  • We focus on your initiative, isolated from the day-to-day drag on your time so you can make progress and get results.

  • Active within the Automotive Sector, we see a very broad range of solutions and approaches you may not be exposed to, and can bring them forward to support your initiative. And have over 200 National Projects we have learned from on. Our team has worked for OEM's while launching the vehicles you now have to sell and service including Electrification and Commercial Vehicles

  • As a high profile thought leader in the industry and as an external 3rd party, the initiatives we work on for you will gain better acceptance and more optimization within your organization.

Why Consultants ?

  • Engaging a Consultant is easy. Especially compared to hiring staff or procuring specialized Facilities services.

  • Other organizations have completed initiatives or had business cases approved with our help because their resources are stretched thin or their staff didn’t have the necessary background.

  • Our customers are knowledgeable and skilled FM’s – our role is to help you implement your initiatives and support your strategic and leadership planning

  • Other departments in your company, including your executives, use consultants for the same reason.