FACILITYY offers Project Management and Facility Management services

Project Management is simplified as "making something new in the world" and Facilities Management is simplified as "maintaining something that already exists."

These two disciplines go hand in hand with decisions that are made in the early stages that can result in increased operating costs and downtime in the operations stage. Knowledge has to be passed back and is rarely done.

That is where FACILITYY comes in and works with you as a partner to look at Total Cost of Ownership and recommends strategic solutions to improve profitability and reliability within the organization. Again, Who looks out for you ?

  • Operations and Maintenance

    • Security Design and Planning

    • Service Request Management

  • Real Estate

    • Documentation and Drawing Control

    • Retail Franchise Network Audit

  • Projects

    • New Construction

    • Renovation

    • Equipment Installation Management and Planning

    • Moves Adds and Changes

    • Capital Renewal & Planning

  • Technology

    • Electrification (EV)

    • Digital Display

    • Smart Buildings

  • Management and Leadership

    • Strategy & Planning

    • Multi-Site Project Controls and Systems

    • Facility Audits

    • Spending Analysis

    • Change Management and Control