Facility Management

Facilities represent a large part of any company’s assets and expenses (usually the second highest cost behind personnel) yet Facilities Management doesn’t usually receive the same attention that other parts of organization receive.

Having a professional facilities management resource to provide strategic direction and stewardship is critical to getting results, lowering costs and minimizing risk. Just like cars now need computerized diagnostics so do buildings ..

  • Facilities are one of your company’s larges assets and a represent a significant cost of doing business

  • Facilities and the environment they provide employees, processes and systems have a large impact on productivity

  • Facility accommodations, whether in growth mode or not, require strategic planning to minimize costs and maximize value.

  • Sustainability is critical to the environment for the company and its employees as well as corporate image

  • The environmental and legislative complexity of owning or leasing Facilities represents a huge risk to the company

  • Facilities require an entire team of generalists and specialists to provide services.

  • The Facilities that house your business can absorb considerable effort to manage effectively.

  • Managing Facilities with an administrative resource or line manager means it won’t get the attention it deserves and may put the company at risk

  • A Facility Management Professional has the experience and overall oversight for Facilities issues, enabling them to see patterns, track changes and identify risks that may have a future negative impact. Their knowledge enables them to take corrective action now to reduce your risk and costs.