Case Studies

GTA Dealership Renovation - $750,000 Cost Savings

The Consult Architect designed the facility to take the load bearing wall that ran east to west in the existing facility and demolish it replacing it with load bearing columns that were specific to the brand.

FACILITYY reviewed the Guide Data for the manufacturer and determined that the load bearing wall could be maintained by splitting the dealership into a New Car and Pre-Owned showroom, as a result the wall could stay.

Now with a separate Pre-Owned showroom it did not fall under the rules by the OEM related to new car display reducing the lighting package by $40,000 and the ceiling costs by $60,000.

This also meant that the dealership could maintain operations without an additional rent factor as there was no concern about building collapse during construction and saved $200,000 in structural costs

In total over $750,000 Dollars were removed from the budget and a compliant facility was still delivered to the owner and the OEM.

Electric Vehicle Charger Roll-out (5 weeks early and $40k+ cost savings)

FACILITYY was key to bringing the Nissan LEAF® to market. Through the use of project management and software the time to market was reduced by months, and the OEM accepted our audit package, saving travel time and money.

The knowledge gained in early EVSE technology has allowed FACILITYY to become very knowledgeable on the costs, types and pitfalls or charging systems related to the OEM's and more.

Reduction in HVAC operating cost

Facilityy had an assessment performed and found that out of 4 roof-top units serving the front of the building only one of the units was functioning and providing heat. The previous General Manager of the store had neglected the units preferring to reduce his operating expenses.

Facilityy worked with an HVAC vendor to bring the units online quickly in the fall and allow customers to take off the hats and mitts in the service waiting area. In addition new smart thermostats were installed with a Total capital cost of $1000.

An immediate reduction in Natural Gas usage was seen allowing for a return on investment of one year and improved customer CSI. One would think that having units not running would save gas but similar to a car a 4 cylinder car is not as fuel efficient as a 6 cylinder car at 100 kph. In this case the single unit was basically running 24 hours a day 7 days a week at "full throttle"

In addition destratification fans were added to improve heat and cooling distribution.