Are you focusing on your core business ?

Project Management Services Specifically For Construction and Volume Rollout

Are you in business to sell your services and grow your business, or are you in the business of managing your projects, facilities or real estate?

Facilities are one of your company’s largest assets and represent a significant cost of doing business, besides payroll, they are probably your second largest expense.

Who is looking out for your interests?

  • Project Management (1 project)

  • Project Controls

  • Program Management (Many projects)

  • Program Controls

  • Portfolio Management (Many Programs)

  • Portfolio Controls

FACILITYY will work with you in a partnership and focus on optimizing your Total Cost of Ownership and ROI.

We recommend strategic solutions to improve profitability and reliability within the organization and take over the day-to-day burden from your staff.

We can
put 14 plus years of experience behind something you may be experiencing for the first time.

In today's market cash flow, capital planning and expense reduction are essential. Whether it be during design or operation, we can help make your spending strategic.

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